About Us

Sarah and Steve are passionate about food, which is one of their reasons for moving to France.

They rear two rare breed pigs every winter for meat, french hams, pate and terrines and who also serve to "clean " the kitchen garden of weeds. In spring and summer they grow their own fruit and vegetables as well as flowers in the quarter acre potager.

At the local markets one gets excited by the produce in season, whether it is asparagus, lily of the valley, foie gras, lilac, or later, strawberries and plums, cherries and geraniums, and endless salads and vegetables; white truffles in summer or black in winter and who could resist the mushroom season? Even the patisserie is indicative of different occasions throughout the year.

 A sample menu chez Mas de Garrigue:

 Homemade pate and terrines with confit d'oignions or figues, served with delicious crusty baguette

 Magret de Canard a l'orange served with home grown vegetables or salad from the potager

 Cabecou (local goats cheese) with honey and walnuts

 Freshly picked raspberries from the potager


     Mas De Garrigue, La Garrigue, Calvignac, 46160, France     Tel: 00 33 565539331   Email: info@masdegarrigue.com  Skype: lloyd.sarah